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Buildtrakr is a purpose-built analytics solution for Jenkins and CircleCI customers, delivering a new level of insight across your build process.

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Buildtrakr’s actionable insight delivers immediate value

 Reduce your build failure rate

Flakiest Files identifies which files are the source of build failure so you can mitigate quickly and effectively.

Optimise your build spend

Analyse your cost per build. See the real source of cost and track trends over time.

Understand the relationship between your Pull Request and build times in order to optimise the time it takes to go from commit to deployment.

Streamline your Pull Request process

Reduce your time to build

Identify and remove the bottlenecks. See which repos have slow build processes and see which jobs are slowing you down.

– David Turner, VP Engineering, Weaveworks

"As long term CircleCI users, we have been waiting for the insight that Buildtrakr gives us - it shows us where to look to continuously improve our build and deployment process."


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Buildtrakr for...


Buildtrakr is invaluable for all DevOps practitioners including DevOps Engineers, Software Engineers, Engineering Managers, Release Managers, and Site Reliability Engineers. 

Why Buildtrakr?

Buildtrakr is brought to you by the team that developed Plandek - the world-leading end-to-end software delivery analytics platform. It's easy to set-up and provides a completely new level of insight into your build process.

Super-easy authentication via GitHub and FREE for up to 10 users.

Integrates with CircleCI and Git to synthesise data critical to understanding your commit and build performance.

Buildtrakr is continually updated to add further metrics and analytics capability.

Surface 9 critical metrics in a flexible dashboard with a powerful drill-down and trend analysis

– Tom Trahan, VP, Business Development, CircleCI

"Buildtrakr cleverly combines data from multiple sources including CircleCI to help users make the decisions necessary to improve their build, test, and deploy processes."

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Buildtrakr surfaces critical metrics to continually improve your build process

Shows you a sorted list of files in the codebase and how frequently they have been changed when the build fails.

1. Flakiest Files

Raw count of the number of workflows run per repo.

2. Number of Builds

Average time each build takes to run.

3. Mean Build Time

Average time between build failures.

4. Mean Time Between Build Failure

Average time from a build failure happening and the next successful build.

5. Mean Time To Recover from Build Failure

Average percent of builds which fail.

6. Average Fail Rate

Average time from a build failure happening and the next successful build.

7. Mean Time To Recover from Build Failure

8. Total Build 

Cost (for CircleCI customers)

The average amount of credits which each workflow run consumes

9. Average Build 

Cost (for CircleCI customers)

The total amount of credits consumed in your workflows.

– Tom Trahan, VP, Business Development,


"Buildtrakr unleashes the full potential of CircleCI's API. Users can pinpoint how to continually improve their build, test, and deployment capabilities all in one, simple dashboard."

– Dan Lee and Charlie Ponsonby, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs Plandek

“Buildtrakr is the product of close collaboration with our friends at CircleCI. Its breadth of analytics and powerful drill-down provide the insights you need to build, test and deploy better.”


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